Maquette provides secure, climate controlled storage, which is available for short or long terms. Utilizing our storage facilities allows our clients to work closely with the maquette team in the handling and management of their collections. We have facilities in both Manhattan and Long Island City, Queens. The Manhattan facility functions as a shipping hub and provides a convenient viewing space. This unique space allows our clients the opportunity to schedule discrete viewings in Manhattan. The facility in Long Island City serves as a long term storage space and also provides a view space. It is fully climate controlled and monitored, meeting museum standards for fine art storage. This facility is is designed to be extremely secure and is under constant monitoring, with a state of the art UL security system. Both warehouses are staffed with in-house fine art handlers and a registrar. A custom designed digital inventory software system is utilized, which affords quick and easy access to every item in a collection. We are committed to keeping each artwork safe, secure and accessible to the client.